Unique New Personal Protection Crystal Collection, perfect for clearing unwanted energies, attachments or persons from your Aura and out of your life.


I have spent the last few weeks drawing together a New Collection of Crystals, choosing each stone with care, all the time directing healing intention into each one.  I use Crystals daily in my work as an intuitive energy healer, since moving to Orkney I have been drawn towards the development of these new collections.  I feel that they are harnessing the spiritual vibration of this special ancient lands. 


Based upon the basis of crystals grids.  I have chosen the groups of Crystals intuitively, but you will be given an information sheet detailing how each Crystal works.  I have chosen those which will work together, amplifying the programming of each Crystal. 

 Within this unique collection is a beautiful  Each Crystal was designed to work in harmony with each other.  Purple Goldstone Sphere, Snowflake Obsidian Pendulum, Smoky Quartz Palm Stone, Obsidian Tumbled Stone, Large Hematite Tumbled Stone 

Personal Protection Crystal Collection, Clears Unwanted Energies From Aura

  • All crystals will be cleansed and dedicated to healing before being packed by myself. You will also receive a full colour information leaflet about your chosen crystal.

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