The multi-coloured Ocean Jasper Palm Stone resonates the complexity of earth and its seemingly endless layers. If you're drowning in an ocean of tears filled with dark clouds of negativity, warm up the heart chakras with the Ocean Jasper crystal, a powerful yet soothing force that guides us back to our natural state of joy and raison de vivre. 

Keep this rare and unique stone in your collection and bask in its radiating circles that cover a wide colour spectrum, including soft, understated shades of pink, yellow, black, white, gold, green, and brown. With its unusual pattern of circles, specks, and swirls, this all-in-one healing crystal promotes deep relaxation by reconnecting your inner spirit to the earth and its healing vibrations. In a modern world closed off from nature, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning harnesses the cleansing and restorative powers of earth and its rhythmic flow that supports the never-ending cycle of life. 

If stress is to blame for your recent case of burnout, grab an Ocean Jasper crystal stone and head out into the woods for a therapeutic session of forest bathing. Combining the ancient Zen tradition of meditation with the healing effects of nature, contemplate the interconnectedness of all things as your lungs and inner spirit rejuvenate from the super oxygenated air of the forest and its peaceful tranquillity. Recharge your aura by noticing the beautiful details of nature in full bloom and the patches of sunlight shining through the branches. 

A stone of joy and mindful expansion, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning is linked with its ability to encourage deep relaxation, making it the natural Valium in your Crystal Healing first aid kit. If chronic stress has you treading water, include Ocean Jasper in a healing layout to quiet down a ramped up nervous system. Place a stone over the Solar Plexus Chakra and imagine its pure light of healing energy infusing your mind-body-spirit with the highest vibrations of our life-giving planet. During this crystal cleanse, feel the soothing effects of stress reduction as your adrenals realign and become open and balanced.

Works In Harmony With Cobra Jasper and Picture Jasper

This listing is for a Ocean Jasper Palm Stone

Ocean Jasper Palm stone, Stress Busting Crystal, Warms Heart & Brings Joy

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