Beautiful, Linen 18" Filled Cushion, Printed front and white reverse with zip for easy cleaning.  Printed front of one of my Pastel Portrait Paintings of The Chief Great Bear.  

This is one of my Native American Ancestors Pastel Paintings Collections and is available as a print, printed cup ,T shirt and Hoodie.  As are all of my images please just message me for any other details.   The images as shown are effected by the lighting when I took the photos and do not truly represent the beautiful colours within the Pastel image which you will receive. 

I have been a Spiritual Psychic Artist for over twenty years, during this time I have painted many Native American Ancestors and Totem animals in Pastel. In 2017, I used my paintings as the basis for my Native American Spirit Oracle Cards.  I have always prepared and sold prints of my paintings, some of which I combined with Native American Prayers.  I felt now was the time to offer some of these here in my shop. 

 I do hope you will like my selection.  If you would like to see the whole collection of my paintings and they're stories please visit my website  Any other images can be turned into either prints, Cushions, Cups, Hoodies or T shirts, just message me with any enquiry.  Karen Joy 

Please allow 2 weeks for order fullfillment and then delivery can take up to 10 days.

Linen Printed 18 Inch by 18 Inch, Filled Cushion of 'Great Bear' Native American