Fluorite Sphere, perfect for Scrying and Crystal Healing Large Fluoriite Sphere,  3.5 Inches Diameter, chosen and photographed by myself.  

Many crystal experts love the crystal healing benefits of fluorite and the healing energy it provides.

Most of us are drawn to the beauty of fluorite crystals as they are available in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and shades.  Some people experience a vibration or soothing sensation while holding or even just having a fluorite crystal in their home. Others have noticed fluorite promotes deep relaxation, better sleep patterns and improved overall energy levels after getting Fluorite in their homes. Fluorite protects and helps with focus and concentration.


Almost every fluorite crystal is ideal for healing.  This is because the crystal has a wonderfully balanced internal structure that aids its healing power.  This internal stability means it can absorb and redirect energy to produce order and stability in almost all beings.  Most people who have bought and use Fluorite have reported clearer thinking, better mental clarity and improved concentration after using or carrying Fluorite.


Crystal balls conjure images of witches, warlocks and spells. But modern day spiritual seekers understand that the crystal ball is a microcosm, a doorway, a transmitter and receiver of energies and a very valuable ally for those involved in divination or meditation, and all those who want to strengthen their intuitive powers.

Large Fluorite Sphere, Green, Scrying, Crystal Healing, Improves Sleep, Concentr