Infinite Crystal Sphere, The Healers Stone. This  wonderful stone is truly incredible quickly becoming the preferred crystal for Crystal Healers.

Infinite: It's energies are believed to be superior to those of other serpentine's and it has come to be known as the "Healer's Stone".  Re patterns the auric field.  Increases the potency of reiki and other energetic healing methods. Activates kundalini energy.  Provides a nurturing energy from the Base Chakra to the Heart infinite  stone is a powerful earth element stone that renews energy and aligns one's energy with the Earth.  Use a small piece of Infinite as a worry stone, put a larger piece next to or under your pillow for more restful sleep, and try using extra large pieces as massage tools.  The unique energy of Infinite works on all levels of the self. It stimulates physical, emotional and spiritual healing and makes an excellent tool for the healing of loss, separation and betrayal. It is a beneficial grief stone. This stone also aids in the connection to the Angelic realms.

Infinite has also been a stone associated with wealth and prosperity. This stone promotes abundance and helps people ease into new life beginnings without discomfort. Infinite harmonizes well with other stones and can enhance its healing powers. Seraphinite is the strongest enhancing crystal when combined with Infinite. Both stones share similar molecular structures and offer a full rejuvenation of the mind body and soul.

INFINITE SPHERE The Healers Stone, Amazing Energy Ideal for Crystal Healing