NEW Beautiful Collection Of Madagascan Golden Healer Quartz Pointed, Pendulum/Dowser.  Highly accurate, can be used in Scrying, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Energy Healing.  They each have a lovely subtle colouration gentle yet powerful vibration and energy pattern.

The golden healer quartz is a potent healing crystal, since it allows the golden light of the Universal Life Force to flow through the body via the crown chakra. Then the energy spreads its gold light all throughout the body while it clears the imbalances and blockages, which readies the body for a multi-level healing.

I use a Golden Healer Pendulum and points myself when using Crystals Healing and divining which Crystal is the best to use in given situations.  I do work intuitively but find the use of a pendulum an invaluable tool

I have available two beautiful Golden Healer Quartz Pendulums Each has been chosen by me and the photographs are for the pendulums you will receive.  I am no professional photographer and every photo is taken in natural light, the photos cannot possibly convey the beauty of these pieces.

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Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Dowsing Pendulums, Accurate, Universal Golden Ray

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    All Crystals will be cleansed and dedicated prior to posting by myself.