These are a unique set of Crystal Divination Cards, designed and developed by myself.  There are 70 full colour cards in the set which include and instruction card, and two layouts.  

I have been using crystals as part of my readings for  many years.  As they are such an effective tool I decided to develop a pack of cards which could be used in exactly the same way as the stones.  How many times have you picked up a pack of cards to read for yourself, only to find that you can not remember or feel the meanings of even the most familiar cards?

With my cards you can simply turn over the card and the word or phrase which resonates with you is the correct meaning.  No need for books or extensive knowledge.  The cards of which there are 70 each relate to either the physical, emotional, or spiritual aspect of your life.  I have included two spreads which you can use easily.  Each card can be used for colour healing and meditation, the energy and vibration is extremely powerful and yet gentle. The meanings are those which I have developed over many years. The cards are only available through this shop or by visiting my website .  Each image has been chosen and designed by myself. 


Review .........I have recently treated myself to Karen Joy's beautiful new decks of Oracle cards! I am so glad I did as they really do work... they tingle in my hands and seem to come alive... the crystals deck is just beautiful! The energy of the crystals and the colours are dazzling and very healing.... Each one I choose radiates it's own specific energy!
I have been using the Native American pack too and am blown away! The power and strength of these cards are unique... you can tell that they have been divinely channelled and are *special* Karen is a very gifted, genuine psychic artist, and spirit channel, this is reflected and harnessed in her beautiful work...I highly recommend these cards... they are a gift to us all and the magic when using them is very apparent <3Blessings Heidi Norman


Cards are Tarot Card Sized 70mm x 121mm    2.75" x 5.75"
300 gsm card weight
Plain White Tuck Box Shrink Wrapped

Please note these cards are produced to order, so do take longer to dispatch than some other items.  They are worth the wait though bringing their own unique energy.

Crystal Divination Cards

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