Truly amazing crystal, this Madagascan Crimson Healer Quartz combines the special gifts from Healing Quartz and Crimson Healer.  A wonderful addition to your Healing Crystals, whether for use with Clients or personally.  It brings a wonderful energy working with the Golden Healing ray.  This rare and heavy specimen plus Selenite stand, will bring its wonderful Healing Energy and vibration into any healing sanctuary, sacred or special space.

Crimson Healer Quartz is perfect aid for anyone looking to rise from the ashes of their past.  This stone allows you to let go of previous trauma with the aid of healthy coping mechanisms and a firm understanding of oneself assisting with the transmutation of negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.  Helping grounding oneself for a better sense of stability through moments of self doubt and insecurity.  Which can accompany any recovery process. 


Dimensions 223 gms ,      7.86 oz,  Weight
                         8.25 cms ,     3 1/4 inches Length
                         5   cms,          2  inches Wide

Crimson Healer Quartz, Aids Ovecoming Past Traumas, Aids Recovery.

  • All crystals will be cleansed and dedicated to healing before being packed by myself. You will also receive a full colour information leaflet about your chosen crystal.

    Each Crystal has been chosen and photographed by myself.  These are the exact stones you will recieve.  Karenjoy

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