Creativity Crystal Intention Set, These seven powerful crystals to help you Stimulate your Creativity, Boost Motivation, Passion and Inspiration.  Ideal to carry about in your purse, keep in your studio or your special place.

Whether you are a creative writer, painter, or sculpture you will all recognise the creative block.  I am an artist and writer as well as a Crystal Healer, both my sister and I call this block competent incompetence.  When you sit before a blank piece of paper and would rather do the ironing or anything rather than pick up that pen or paintbrush.  This is why I thought I should put together a Crystal set to help put your intention to the forefront.  To give your motivation a boost, and unlock your passion and inspiration. 
Rather, the energies of these crystals flow through us to unlock areas of ourselves neglected or forgotten by the busy, hectic nature of modern life.
These stones open up our inner creative selves to higher ideas and all manner of inspiration. You may well begin to feel supercharged with creativity!

Creativity Crystal Intention Set, Boost Motivation, Passion and Inspiration

  • All crystals will be cleansed and dedicated to healing before being packed by myself. You will also receive a full colour information leaflet about your chosen crystal.

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