Cobra Jasper aka King Cobra - Helps us to realize that we are all part of the whole, no one is separate.  Helps give us confidence in taking the next step in one's true path.  Helps enable us to know that sometimes what others feel is right for us, in fact, may not be healthy for our spirit.  Also, properties for Green Jasper - Helps balance energies between members of the opposite sex, balances and clears all Chakra's and removes energy blocks. It balances both highly energized people and those who may be too mellow. 

Each type and colour of Jasper resonates with the general Jasper qualities, but also add their own unique energies making each specific type very similar in foundation but different in specializations. You will recieve an information leaflet containing the properties of Jasper.

Works in harmony with Ocean Jasper and Picture Jasper 

This listing is for a Cobra Jasper Palm stone, 4 available. 

Cobra Jasper Palm stone, Balances and Clears All Chakras, Builds Confidence

  • All crystals will be cleansed and dedicated to healing before being packed by myself. You will also receive a full colour information leaflet about your chosen crystal.

    Each Crystal has been chosen and photographed by myself. These are the exact stones you will recieve. Karenjoy

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