Carefully selected other crystal minerals polished and carved into tactile palm stone and freeform shapes ideal for prayer meditation and Crystal healing.

Carnelian is one of the great healers.  A powerful crystal which improves your vitality and keeps you grounded and stabilised.  A fantastic detox crystal that will boost your immune system and give you energy and motivation.  Carnelian will help keep you focused - making it a great meditation crystal.  Having Carnelian in your environment offers protection against negativity.  

•    Carnelian promotes fertility
•    Eases lower back ailments
•    Works with kidneys
•    Helps you absorb the nutrients you eat
•    Is used against depression - particularly in older people
Keep Carnelian with your other crystals to cleanse & fresh them.  

Keep Carnelian near the front door of your home where it will welcome abundance (both emotional and monetary) and offer protection against unwanted negativity


The crystal you see is the on you will receive, all were chosen and photographed by myself.


  • All crystals will be cleansed and dedicated to healing before being packed by myself.  You will also receive a full colour informaion leaflet about your chosen crystal.

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