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How To Use Crystal Pendulums

Using a pendulum to help make a decision.
Crystal Pendulums can be used to channel the subconscious to help you to get answers to some of the questions in your life.

The first step is to establish which way the pendulum will swing for 'Yes' and which way for 'No'. Hold the chain of the crystal and steady the pendulum. Ask simple questions, with a simple yes or no answer, that you know the answer to. The pendulum should swing; note which way it moves for yes and which way for no. A circular or diagonal swing is often taken to mean 'don't know'. Now ask the pendulum questions that you would like to know the answer to.

If you need your pendulum to give you the answer to a decision that you do not want your subconscious to influence, such as whether to take a job in a different part of the county, write the options on several pieces of paper.  Screw each piece of paper up into a ball and mix them up so that you don't know which one is which. Hold the crystal pendulum over each one in turn asking a pertinent question.  For example if you have had a job offer and are thinking of moving the family to Wales write Wales on 2 pieces of paper and your home town on two more pieces. Screw them up into balls. Hold the pendulum over each piece of paper in turn and ask a question such as 'Which decision will be for the greater good of me and my family?'.

Note which way the pendulum swings to help you gain insight into the decision you should make.

Healing With Pendulmus

This is a technique that can be used to remove energy imbalances from the body's finer energy systems.  A clear quartz or amethyst pendulum will work as an all-purpose healer as they both act on very broad levels. Other crystal pendulums  will focus their balancing actions in more precise ways depending on the properties of the crystal. 

Have the patient lie down and position yourself comfortably by the side of them. Hold the pendulum lightly and firmly between the thumb and forefinger. Allow the wrist to relax and hold the arm and body in a comfortable position. Suspend the pendulum a few centimetres above the body just below the feet in line with the central axis of the body. Start the pendulum swinging in a line to and fro. This is known as the neutral swing. Move the swinging pendulum slowly
up the body along the centre line of the body, towards the head.

Wherever the pendulum moves away from neutral simply stay at that point until the neutral swing returns.

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