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How To Use Wands

Since ancient times, crystal wands have been used for healing by healers all over the world. Some believe that they were even used by crystal healers in Atlantis.  Today, crystal wands are still a common tool used by healers around the world, I use both my Chakra wands and Copper wands frequently in conjunction with natural rough points and massage wands.
Wands come in many different shapes and sizes, and also in many varieties of stone as well.  Wands may be long or short, and the cylinder can be smooth or faceted.  They can be pointed at one end and rounded at the other, or they can be rounded on both ends, or pointed at both ends.  Some wands are wider at one end and tapered at the other, while others are not.  Most wands are shaped and polished, but rough natural pointed crystals, such as quartz, can also be used as a healing wand.

Healing wands gather and direct energy.  The elongated, cylindrical shape of a wand enables the stone or crystal to direct its healing energy in a straight line, and the wand's point focuses the crystal's energy so that it can be used on specific areas of the body.

Methods of Healing with a Crystal Wand:

Crystal wands can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body, or on a particular chakra.  They can be used to scan the aura and the chakras to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them.
 Wands can also be used in massage healing.  Massaging the body with a stone wand helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the stone's healing energy is transferred to the body. Smooth, round wands that are rounded on at least one end are the best to use in massage healing as they will not scratch or cause other discomfort to the body.

Pointed wands are good to use in reflexology, a healing method in which the stone's point is held at certain pressure points, mostly on the hands and feet, to heal ailments in particular areas of the body.


Wands come in a wide variety of stones and crystals, so there are many different wands to choose from.  Different stones have different healing energies and therefore, have different effects on the body, aura, and chakras.  As each gemstone has different healing properties, it is nice to have a variety of wands to use for a variety of different purposes.  You might, therefore, wish to build a collection of wands made from a variety of gemstones.

A Clear Quartz Wand is a very good stone for those starting to use wands, as it is an all-purpose healing stone, having the ability to heal any ailment on any area of the body or aura. This makes it a good stone to have for your first wand. 

Clear quartz is an excellent stone for gathering, storing, directing, and transmitting energy, but it can also transmute negative energy into positive healing energy.  Its versatility and multiplicity of uses make it an essential wand for anyone to have.  Clear quartz is also an amplifier of energy, and so it is good stone to attach a crystal stone to any stone wand to enhance and augment its healing energies.

When selecting a wand to use for a specific purpose, you should choose one made from a stone that is suitable to your intention.  Therefore, it is good to know a little about the healing properties of different gemstones so that you are able to select a stone that harmonizes with the purpose for which you wish to use it . For example, to heal a broken heart, the best and strongest stone to use when dealing with love and emotions is Rose Quartz.

I particularly like Selenite Wands, the name Selenite comes from the Greek word for moon and means “moon glow," and Selenite Wands glow with a shimmery, pearl-like lustre.  The grain of the Selenite gives a lustrous shine that goes down the length of the wand to create a beautiful visual effect. The powerful vibration of Selenite opens the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.  Selenite is a soft mineral, and should be kept dry and not cleansed using water.     

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