I use Crystals daily in my work as an intuitive energy healer, since moving to Orkney I have been drawn towards the development of these new collections.  I feel that they are harnessing the spiritual vibration of this special, ancient land.....Karenjoy

I designed these purse crystal sets, with the intention of covering all the personal areas where you may require a little support.  Relationships, Weight, Well-Being, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. To name but a few.  Also, individual sets can be made just for you if there is an area you would like tailored support.  They are compact and come in a silk pouch so you can keep them with you at all times.  You will also recieve Information about your chosen crystals and a guided meditation.  The more often you use your set the stronger the intention becomes, the better the outcome. 
The larger sets are designed to be used as a Meditative, Healing or Protection set.  Containing pendulums, spheres, palm stones and wands depending upon which one you choose  Each are unique and can not be repeated having been made as one offs. 

5 out of 5 stars    

Lovely set - thank you so much - it feels very personal and appropriate - here the crystals you sent me are arranged on a grid to say thank you back! Caroline R.

Grid 1.jpg

Jewel on 12 Jan, 2020

5 out of 5 stars    

The stones and crystals are beautiful. The owner is wonderful and was very helpful. She went above and beyond to help me find what I needed.