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Cleansing And Dedicating Crystals


The repeating chemical structure of crystals is said to invest them with a kind of memory, this means that crystals have the power to hold energies.  You may hold a quartz crystal with the intention of filling it with your love, this is what is meant by programming a crystal. You do not need any special techniques, all you need is intention and focus.  The crystal will remember your love, which will then permeate any environment in which the crystal is placed.  Crystals can remember negative as well as positive energies and so will sometimes need to be cleansed.  For instance, an amethyst will actually help to cleanse a room of negative energies (eg. anger)  but this means that the amethyst, which will retain an element of that negative energy, will itself occasionally require cleansing.

There are various ways of cleansing crystals. One of the most common is to submerge them in  water, if you have access to spring water that is excellent or even a small brook, but in all events running water from the tap will do.  Other methods include, burying crystals in the garden for a few days, leaving them for a while in a stream (pick a slow-running one, or they may no longer be there when you come back for them!) or leaving them outside overnight in normal water to bask in the moonlight.  Alternatively, you may hold the crystal in your hand and with the intention in your mind cleansing the crystal of negativity gently blow on the crystal, asking that all negative energies be transmuted into higher or positive energies, for the good of mankind.

To dedicate my crystals for personal use I make the following incantation...'I will and command that this crystal be dedicated only to the service of my highest self, that it be filled with positive energies from the universal source of love, the Great Spirit, that it be used for (enlightenment, healing, absent healing or the service of others).'... You may choose your own words, which feel right for you, as the crystal is to be of service to you.......but you are welcome to use mine if you wish.........Karenjoy


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