"Enticing Crystals To Enrich Your Lives"

Bringing their wonderful vibration and energy into our lives, enables upliftment, healing and joy.

  Bringing they're wonderful vibration and energy in to our lives, enables upliftment, healing and joy.  

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My Story

I am a Spiritual Artist and Healer now living in the beautiful Orkney Islands.  I have worked with Crystals for over twenty years, in a previous life I travelled around the UK and Europe with my Crystals and Paintings whilst working as a Healer and Reader at large Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals.  Due to my new marriage I felt it was time to stay home and devote myself to duties on the Farm in the Black Mountains of Wales.  Throughout this time I still continued to work as a Crystal and Energy Healer.  My Crystal collection continued to grow until such time as I felt I should share it with others.  I am not a large retail outfit with a vast selection, on the contrary I only have special pieces chosen by me with love and care.  Each Crystal can stay with me for forever if it wishes or wait for that special person and leave when the time is right.


During the later years we began to travel Scotland extensively, following my initial visit to Orkney, it became my dream to live in these wonderful lands.  I visited Orkney many times during this time, feeling a great sense of belonging to these ancient, Spiritual lands.  Earlier this year my dream came true and now I live under the wonderful Orcadian skies, in the land of Standing Stones, Ancient Tombs and Sea Eagles.

I use Crystals daily in my work as an intuitive energy healer.  I have a deep love of Crystals and a compulsion to hold, own them and have them around me at home and within my Healing Sanctuary.  I love the colours, vibration, feel, and look of Crystals….all and any of them.  I want to share this love and wonder of them with you, I want us to go on a journey of discovery, to find out in more depth what they are used for and how having them around can help us enrich our daily lives.  The Crystals and collections that I bring to you have been chosen intuitively with care and healing intent. 

These I feel draw upon the Ancient Spiritual Vibration of this sacred land Orkney.  Throughout my website you will see pictures of my new homeland Orkney, I do hope you enjoy them.  If you sign up for my quarterly newsletter you will recieve new crystal offers as well as keeping up to date with my 'Orkney Highlights'.  Pictured below is my front garden, local beach and the sea glass I find there plus some holiday snaps around the wonderful Orkney Isles.
Love and Blessings Karenjoy

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A Selection of Personal Photo's from Home and Holidays in Orkney

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